2019 new year resolution timetable: setting the bar low for guaranteed success!

I’ve got a few goals I want to achieve in 2019… namely:

  1. Maintain my revisesociology.com blog (given that this is my main income) – 3-5 weekly posts minimum
  2. Do at least five steem posts a week (given that I quite like it and this MIGHT end up being a decent source of income)
  3. Put together some kind of A-level online video supported tuition package (by April 2019)
  4. Develop 6 teacher A-level teacher resource packs for sale (by June 2019)
  5. Learn more about data analysis and Tableau for infographics – produce at least 10 nice infographics in 2019.
  7. Meditate and do yoga 6 days a week – no specific goals, just keep it up.
  8. Get a decent night’s sleep every night
  9. Keep up with the exercise – get under 22 mins in the park run.
  10. Keep the flat tidy – try and clean the bathroom more frequently than once every two months (coughs).

Many of the above don’t require deadlines….none of 6-10 do, for example…. these are just ongoing, and where the running is concerned, at 45 having been injured in the past I’m just happy to be able to do park runs, so if I make it to sub 22, that’ll do me for the year!

For 1-5 above, I do actually have specific deadlines, and I’ve got torturous looking lists which go well into double figures of what I want to achieve.

But the point of this post/ this a.ms exercise was to do an overview of how all of these goals fit together, and so I’ve produced a timetable that correlates to the relative amount of time I think I need to give to each….

The idea is, when Monday comes, I can open up my ‘maintain blog goals’ and work through that list, and so on. The whole point of the TT is that it keeps me on track, and offers me enough variety and a balanced array of mental, physical and spiritual activities.

The reason for focusing so heavily on the resource development is that this is where the passive income is: get these developed early and the passive income should start accumulating from September next year. If it doesn’t I’m a gonna need to either get another job (part-time!) or go live abroad in a hovel.

I haven’t really thought through the video idea yet… I did actually do some online vids in 2017 which went OK so I’ve got a fall-back system I can use, but I know I can do better!

The TT also has the dubious honour of being one of the most garish things I’ve ever come up with, but it does the job!

Top Tip for setting 2019 resolutions: set the bar low!

As you can see from my TT gaols, my days aren’t set to be particular stressful: An hour to potter about in the morning, a sauna most days of the week, 2 hours for dinner, 8 + hours sleep a night, and weekends are basically just running, walking and reading.

I shouldn’t have too many problems realising my goals in 2019!

Of course it all might go pair shaped if my income doesn’t pick up, but if doesn’t I’ll just have to adapt mid-year, when it’s warmer and lighter and change is all a bit easier.

Happy 2019!


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