A review of my crypto portfolio – down almost 90% in value since April 2018, but now a 20% rebound in 2 days!

So I wrote this post on Tuesday18th  all ready to post today thinking nothing would change, then it did…. I’ll add on the last 2 days update below…

Tuesday’s post – all doom and gloom 

The dates of comparison are strictly arbitrary –

  • April 2018 because that’s when I last paused to add up the value of my portfolio
  • December 2018 because that’s what I’m in the mood for doing right now!

It’s funny (I’ve accepted the loss) how i remember adding up the various values in April… adding them into Blockfolio on my phone and thinking ‘WTF’!’ and I think I even literally rubbed my hands together a few times.

Oh the contrast a couple of days ago…. how depressing… What…. that’s worth….how much? what? $4.11? Eh?!?


These are most of the coins I’ve currently got and their current values compared to 2018 values with the percent decline….. NB steem doesn’t do too badly compared to other alt coins!


What I see is a pretty depressing tale….

  • An average decline of around 90% (NB I’ve sold all my BTC and ETH so these will drag the average up slightly… I’ve just included it above for comparison.)
  • Most  of my ALT coins are down against BTC….
  • Steem is the third worst performing coin, but it really hasn’t done that much worse than anything else in my portfolio.
  • I only have one coin that’s outperformed BTC – Maid!

The current crypto portfolio… 

The April summary is here….


There are a few other coins I’ve just remembered i need to add in but nothing significant. And anyway, probably the less said about Verge, Crypterium and especially Crypto Kitties the better!

Thursday update (today!) – A 20% average increase – Value up $500 to almost $3k in 2 days!



NB – Don’t go getting carried away about steem’s increase, it’s mid-table obscurity compared to the other alt coins.

So now the alt coins are outperforming BTC again!?!


Originally I said Thank God I never remortgaged the house like some people did! I still think that!

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