Bittrex-steem withdrawal problems… and an XMAS Bittrex challenge/ SBI competition

I’ve tried a dozen times over the last week to withdraw steem from my Bittrex account to my steem wallet, but have had no luck. I’d appreciate it if someone can tell me whether I’m actually doing this correctly, or if the process has changed without my being aware of it?

EDIT – Thanks to @abh12345 I now have the solution… it’s in the comments below! Still, you are MORE than welcome to send me steem if you like! (Spoiler alert… no memo needed in the tag.) 

I’ve been using the same process I’ve used several dozen times before…


1. I Enter my withdrawal details as follows (All publicly available!) 

2. I Click the verification notification in the email i get sent…

3. i Check that it’s been authorised on Bittrex…

Normally that’s it…. 30 seconds later the steem’s in my steem wallet.

HOWEVER… For the last week this has been happening…

After about a minute, the ‘authorised’ notification just reverts to invalid:


Yesterday I got to the point of sending a message to support… and got a standardised reply back saying the information I was typing in was not recognised

NO BITTREX, I TYPED IN THE SAME INFORMATION TO THE BINANCE WITHDRAWAL FIELDS AND EVERYTHING WORKED FINE (if a couple of minutes slower). Also, I had to send steem from Bittrex to Binance to do this test, and that worked fine.

So it seems that this is a very specific problem…

One final test i did…

I tried a withdrawal but deliberately mixed up the tag and address fields, and exactly the same thing happened as above. This is unusual, because I remember when I’ve got the info wrong before, it just told me straight away that the inputs were invalid, rather than going to the email verification stage.


Has anyone else had this problem?

Challenge: Try and send some steem to my steem account from your Bittrex Wallet

Here’s my public steem memo which goes in the ‘tag’ field


Here’s my steem account name which goes in the ‘address’ field (without the ‘@’)


I’ll match any deposits up to 10 steem with SBI shares, assuming I can continue to deposit from Binance. Up to 10 SBI reward offer lasts up until XMAS day.

Although do feel free to send more than 10 steem, and/ or to send after XMAS.

I’d be especially interested in knowing if it works with huge amounts like 100K.


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