Christmas Day Run and Blog

So it’s 6.40 a.m. Xmas morning as I write this (it’ll probably post slightly later) and I’ve just got the highlight of my day over and done with: the Tuesday run….


Normally at this time of year I’d hit the treadmill on a Tuesday, but I was forced into going out today as the gym’s closed!

The problem with not celebrating Christmas is that I have to disappear myself for a couple of days so as to avoid the pitying and/ or condescending looks I tend to get from families out walking themselves and their dogs on Xmas and Boxing Day. It’s just embarrassing for both parties, so it’s easier if I just stay indoors.

All of this makes getting out for a solo run a bit of a challenge….. dealt with this year by leaving the house at 5.45! I saw two people, and I’ll take that.

As a bonus it’s unseasonably warm which was a real stroke of luck for late December and I found my local park MOST conducive to a little interval training, after a brief round town warm up. It was even lighted just enough for me to avoid breaking an ankle, which I guess I’ll have to take as this year’s Xmas present.

Now I’m back home I’m in the odd position of not really feeling very hungry, which is unusual as I’m normally starving when I wake up. I’m wondering if my subconscious has repressed my appetite as a reaction against the normal Xmas overeating? Maybe I’m developing physiological resistance to social norms more generally? Something to look out for in 2019 for sure!

Anyway, I’m going to segway my lack of appetite into a morning fast, I may as well make use of it!  I’ll basically put breakfast on hold until lunch… given that getting my abs back is one of the main goals of the new year this fits in nicely!

Given that I find Xmas Day and Boxing Day quite depressing I may as well get something constructive out of them.

Roll on the 27th!

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