From fragmented unconsciousness to meditative physicality and focussed intellectualism

There’s not really anything from stopping from leading a more mindful life, which to my (not particularly mindful) mind involves doing more physical activities and meditating more, but instead I’ve found my life becoming more fragmented over the last few months, and I’m also watching way too much T.V.

Hence I’ve done a rough plan of where I want to be in terms of my meditative daily routine and a rough analysis of the things that I normally do in a  typical day to, to  try visualise my way from fragmented unconsciousness to meditative physicality and focussed intellectualism.

It’s sort of ironic that I’m not just doing something physical, and instead sitting here doing this, but this had to be done, and at least it’s ‘blue’ in my scheme (see) below….

I’ve categorised and colour-coded my typical daily activities into the following

  • Meditative/ physical – do a LOT more of!
  • Intellectual but easy to make calm and focussed – OK to do
  • Intellectual, fragmentary, anxiety inducing – Do less of/ try and avoid
  • Passive and tending towards unconsciousness – try and avoid doing/ urgent!

And the picture version to show the colour coding because neither my cheep WP. org blog or the blockchain can’t handle coloured text!:

My colour coded ideal/ realistic daily schedule

 In an ideal schedule I’d cut out anything in red or purple, but I can’t ATM….

  • Because I’ve chosen to live in ordinary society, I need to keep up with daily communications related to my income, so I need to do all of the anxiety inducing activities (red) involved with this;
  • because I’m a weak and pathetic individual I need some kind of switch off every day (purple), typically at the end of the day,

 So I’ve ended up with a current ideal/ realistic schedule which looks something like this:


As you can see in my ideal/ realistic schedule, the reds and purples are minimised down to less than 2 hours a day, which is somewhere around realistic/ ideal.

More like my ACTUAL daily schedule…

HOWEVER, here’s a link to a spread sheet of what my (and probably your) daily schedule actually/ probably  looks like, and below is it mapped out in visual form!


Unfortunately there’s about an hour’s worth of activities cut off the bottom, but I couldn’t zoom out anymore and keep it vaguely meaningful. Remember: green/ blue good and red/ purple bad!

In reality it’s probably a lot worse, this is just an approximation of a ‘fragmented’ daily schedule, I dread to think how many hundreds or thousands of micro-distractions infiltrate my daily tasks! Impossible to map them I think, even for a day… maybe even pointless?

Why have I just spent the best part of an hour doing this?

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, but never really had the urge before, and then there’s the fact that according to my grand life plan I should be  practically free of red and purple for the whole day by now, with the exception of an hour or so off around dinner time, but it’s not working out like that.

Or maybe a simpler answer is that this is probably a symptom of my fragmented mind. (But at least I’m not on the monsters or in the pub!)

My February goal now is to track my daily activities and try and keep the day-time free of red, except for one or two 10 minute email/ blog checking sessions.

I’ll forgive myself the purple lunch out at the end of the evening… I’ll aim to start clawing that back from March, maybe April.

I also have the feeling this kind of analysis could well be the most important thing in reducing anxiety and depression in the population as a whole: I’m convinced every single person would be better off leading a life which consists of just doing 20-30 things a day, one at a time, rather than 1000 things in a fragmentary mess.

Right, time for a game of steemmonsters!

Some people never learn.

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