Lessons from a Norwegian underwear model en route home from SF3

My route home from SF3 consisted of the 16.35 KLM flight from Krakow to London via Amsterdam – thankfully the wait for the former was eased by a nice chat with @yidneth and @hedac who were also on the same flight. @roelandp was also on the first leg, turning up just as we boarded and I can’t mention him without saying big thanks for organising a great event – liquid!

Anyway, leg one over and having boarded the 20.30 onward flight from Amsterdam to London, I was finally the only steemian on the plane…. I’d decided I may as well spend the hour’s flight  drafting a sombre-vibed leaving SF3 + takeaways type post – I’d even settled on miserable selfie face* take 17 to front it up –
(*Which in fairness is actually just quite like my regular face. I really should take up poker.)
And apologies If the formatting now goes a bit funny…. presently on a coach on a mobile device!
However, I never got around to it because I got chatting with the Norwegian underwear model who was sitting in the seat next to me for most of the rest of the flight.
I’m not gonna post her instagram pictures up, because she is a commodity (she knows this), but her name’s Elinne Lykke if yer interested. Turns out she’s been on the cover of Vogue magazine – it’s her that mentioned the underwear shoot btw, she was en route to a two day shoot in London.
Anyway – I’ve never met a Norwegian underwear model before, and the conversation got me thinking, so I thought I’d bash out a few insights and save the SF3 analysis for later.
TBH this post is really just so I don’t waste an awesome title.

On the repellant nature of extreme attractiveness

Unlike all of my other plane neighbours so far this trip, I could sort of sense that Elinne (I got her name later) wanted a conversation. However, the fact that she was half my age and so insanely gorgeous put me off striking one up for a good 20 mins. It’s social norms you know!
Thankfully she got out a book shortly after take-off and that was my way in – it was called ‘Humans’ (like ‘Sapiens’) – a quick chat about decent books and then the rest just flowed…. thankfully she was intelligent, having just put her marine biology degree on hold to do modelling ‘while she can’.
Anyway, my reluctance to start a convo got me thinking whether insanely attractive people get less social attention than more ordinary looking people – I’ve heard about this before… blokes leaving ‘too attractive’ women alone just because they don’t have a chance.
Maybe that’s why the ladies generally steer clear of me? The beard’s just too dsmn sexy….Yup that’ll be it.

Attempting to onboard a norwegian underwear model…

Well, she had to ask me where I’d been and why, and so she got the potted overview of the conference, the blockchain, and even @steemmonsters.
I even showed her my feed/ blog when we landed at Heathrow to show her the general idea.
She probably won’t join, but it turns out her boyfriend’s quite into crypto so maybe they’ll be one new user there!

The reality of modelling?

I didn’t ask exactly how much she earns but it’s enough to be comfortable working 2-3 days a week and she gets to travel…. but the thing with modern day modelling… the agency you work for ‘controls’ your body to some extent: if you stop looking right, yr off the books.
Elinne said her agency ‘weren’t too keen’ on her eating Pizza the night before a shoot – in case it bloats the stomach.
However besides that it sounds like a great career.

The surprising similarities between blogging and modelling

We both have to commodify ourselves to make a living…. what I found most interesting was that her agency wants her to post at least 1-2 instagram pics a day, which I guess is the same a the pressure to post as a blogger, and then of course your value is determined by the number of followers you have.
So we’re both united through our state of unfreedom viz our social media output!
We also had quite a nice philosophical discussion about freedom and ‘unfreedom’ – I just can’t turn off the sociology.

Final thoughts – there is life after steemfest..

I never imtended to write a post about this, but TBH the experience kind of amused me, and cheered me up no-end after being left all alone.
Quite nice to be proselytising about steem already too just 4 hours after leaving Krakow!


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